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I want to host a public collection point. What do I need to do?

A public collection point is a place where the public can drop off their tags. Anyone can host a collection point. It can be at a business, school, TAFE, child care centre, community centre, church, private home – anywhere. You just need to get a biggish container, print some signage and let us know your location and contact name, email address and number. We then add you to our collection points map and list so people can find you.  For privacy reasons, if a collection point is at a private home, we just show the town/suburb, not the full address – people can contact you for the address. From time to time you will need to get your accumulated tags to a central point in your capital city. We are finding the public collection point hosts are working together on this, so you can probably work with others in your area to get your tags where they need to go. For more information, see Aussie Bread Tags Host a Collection Point.