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Tribute to Colour Sorters

Our bread tags need to be sorted by colour before we send them to our recycler. As you can imagine, this task requires patience and precision. Fortunately, we have an amazing team of volunteers sorting for us. Let us introduce them to you …..

Tessa spends a lot of time each day sorting at home. She is meticulous!

“I like to sort bread tags because it helps people and I am really good at it.”

The Transition to Work class at Suneden Specialist School have a regular weekly bread tag sorting session. They are a good team so they get through a few.

“We like sorting bread tags because it is fun and relaxing.”

John and Ali have quite a sorting setup at home. They are great at separating the white tags which have sticky labels on them from the other whites.

“We like sorting bread tags, because it helps the environment, and people who are in need of wheelchairs, become more independent.”

Julie, Leanne and Jett sort as volunteers at the LifeFM radio station. 

Leanne: “I love being part of the team at LifeFM and praise God for the opportunity of contributing to the worthy program of sorting tags for wheelchairs.”

Julie: “Sorting bread tags are my way of giving back to the community by helping others and one small deed can lead to big achievements. “

Colour sorting is Jett’s way of giving back to the community and also assisting him to develop new fine motor skills and problem solving skills.

Students in the WAVE program at Wirreanda Secondary School sorted over 55kg of bread tags in 2022 and find it has many benefits.

“We like colour sorting bread tags because it is an activity which helps us communicate, it is relaxing and we feel good giving back to others!”

Maureen is our tireless “post lady”, emptying our PO Box regularly and unpacking all the post as well as sorting most of the tags that come in the post, quite a job!

“I like sorting bread tags and enjoy being part of the ever expanding bread tag community. It is very rewarding knowing that my small involvement is helping not only needy wheelchair recipients but also small business and the environment.”

The self-named “Old Codgers” are a group of men living in a retirement village who meet regularly at one of their homes to colour sort.

“We like sorting colour tags because it gives us a chance to have a light-hearted yarn and do something useful at the same time.”

Belinda sorts a lot of the tags we receive from southern Melbourne collectors.

“I love sorting the breadtags of a cold winters night while watching the TV. I figure to myself while sitting here doing nothing I could be helping the process. I also find it every therapeutic, there’s no time to think about things as you’re concentrating on colours.”

Helen sorts bread tags at home and is also always a willing volunteer for any other jobs that we need getting done.

“I like sorting tags because I believe Bread Tags for Wheelchairs is a worthy cause and my effort to help someone in need, gives me a good feeling.”

Marijke sorts at home in her sunroom where the light is good. She sometimes invites friends to join her in sorting while they chat. Marijke also lets us use most of her shed as our ‘warehouse’, which is a huge help.

“I like sorting tags because it’s a relaxing task while listening to podcasts or audio books.”

Liz sorts at home and sometimes ropes in her neighbour to help.

“I enjoy colour sorting for the triple benefits gained. Bread tags kept out of landfill; people provided with wheelchairs, who would otherwise be unable to have a wheelchair; Transmutation shop able to make and sell some wonderful products made of ‘rubbish’! I also love the flexibility. A lot of volunteering is for very rigid times, whereas I can do the sorting in my own time and for as long or short a time as I am able.”

McLaren Vale Enterprises provides a range of tailored supports for people living with a disability and include bread tag sorting as one of their activities.

One of the participants says “I like being organised and sorting the bread tags into different colours is a great way to relax and become focused. It is also a how I can give back to the community.”

Cheryl and Mike sort tags at their home in Perth.

They say “We get very busy in our lives but we help out with colour sorting to relax while we watch TV or a movie together.”

Joan is in her nineties and sorts at home in between jigsaw puzzles.

“I like colour sorting bread tags because I like to help out others when I can’t leave the house.”

The SCILS group at Relationships Australia are a recent addition to our colour sorting team.

“We like sorting bread tags because it’s calming, time consuming and a way to give back to the community.”

As you can see, quite a team! So many willing people making at all happen. Thanks to you all!