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Are the tags recycled in Australia or in South Africa?

All bread tags collected in Australia are currently being recycled locally, unless collectors make independent arrangements to take tags to South Africa.

Since February 2019, we have been working with a company in Robe in South Australia, Transmutation – Reuse, Reduce, Recycle, who have an eco shop and make products out of recycled plastic. They have so far made door knobs, coasters, bowls, cheese boards and clocks from bread tags and early in 2021 introduced a presentation boxed refillable biro, made from the offcuts  of their  bowls and boards. They are continuing to experiment with new products. Brad Scott, who runs the company, is part of the Precious Plastics community, and has built his machines for small scale plastic recycling based on these designs. As of January 2021, Transmutation is taking at least 200kg of bread tags from us each month. The funds raised are regularly remitted to South Africa to buy wheelchairs.